syngo Dyna4D

Welcome the 4th dimension to the angio suite

syngo Dyna4D

In interventional radiology and neuroradiology, getting the best possible diagnosis is central to a therapy’s success – before, during, and on completion of the intervention. This allows the physician to plan and perform the treatment precisely. In contrast to current 3D image acquisition methods, syngo Dyna4D uses a slightly modified protocol, which makes it possible to combine spatial and temporal resolution (“3D+t”).

Siemens is the first and only manufacturer to succeed in making this “fourth dimension” visible: Thus, the physician can track the passage of contrast medium in real time and precisely see how quickly and to what extent the patient’s vessels are filled. This means that the therapy can be more precisely adapted to the individual patient.

  • See flow patterns in 3D, providing a virtually unlimited number of DSA runs at no additional dose and contrast media
  • Expand your clinical capabilities in the angio suite by optimizing patient selection and individualized treatment strategies

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1Artis with PURE® and syngo Dyna4D are pending 510(k) clearance, and are not yet commercially available in the United States or other countries.