MAMMOMAT 3000 Nova

MAMMOMAT 3000 Nova
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Clear results

  • X-ray tube with two different anode materials
  • Opdose® selects best kV value and anode/filter combination
  • High quality images

High resolution. Low dose. High quality images.
MAMMOMAT® 3000 Nova features an X-ray tube which, unlike other mammography systems, uses two different anode materials. The Opdose function auto-selects the best kV value and anode/filter combination (Mo/Mo, Mo/Rh, W/Rh) according to the individual breast characteristics in order to achieve optimal image quality with the lowest possible dose. The resulting images are of convincing quality and retakes are reduced to a minimum.

Patient Benefits

User-friendly operation

  • OpComp for optimum compression
  • Large variety of compression plates
  • Open design for excellent access

The measure of all things. For physician and patient. Real comfort and convenience.


MAMMOMAT 3000 Nova is equipped with OpComp, which automatically and individually senses the breast compression needed to produce the ideal combination of minimal patient discomfort and excellent image quality.

Compression plates
A wide array of compression plates ensures gentle compression optimized for each individual breast. An optionally available perforated biopsy compression plate and magnification tables further expand the scope of applications.

Excellent access
The open design means excellent access, even for patients in a wheelchair. Examinations can be performed with equal ease on patients in standing, sitting or recumbent positions.

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