teamplay - Connect, compare, collaborate.

Every day hundreds of thousands users carry out countless examinations with Siemens imaging devices around the world.


teamplay will connect these users, their data and expertise to form a virtual imaging team – the largest in the world. Together, they will be able to tackle big data and the challenges of increasing financial pressures.


With the cloud-based imaging solution teamplay, imaging professionals will get a better grasp of their performance, because it provides them with a thorough but easily comprehensible overview of their data. In addition to more transparency in their own organization, they can compare their numbers to real benchmarks obtained thanks to the transparency of others: values accumulated from data of other organizations linked to teamplay.


Extensive options to share images as well as to constantly monitor dose, complete the solution that helps you optimize patient care and clinical capabilities.


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Key benefits of teamplay:


Refine your imaging efficiency with a clear view on usage data and comparison to readily available benchmark information.


Monitor imaging dose with tools that are easy to use and set up.


Exchange expertise with healthcare professionals worldwide by instant2 access to imaging exams through a secure cloud.

Data Security

Exceeding HIPAA3 (US), EuroPriSe4 (EU), and ULD4 (Germany) compliance by using highest encryption methods to ensuring de-identification of private data.

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1This information about this product is preliminary. It is under development, not commercially available, and its future availability cannot be ensured.

2Prerequisites include: wireless connection to clinical network, meeting recommended minimum hardware requirements, and adherence to local data security regulations.

3HIPAA certified

4EuroPriSe and ULD compliance is initiated but pending.