Designed to occupy minimal space and offer maximal functionality, the Inveon™ multimodal system is user-configurable to accommodate any combination of PET, SPECT and CT modalities in a single gantry. The Inveon SPECT•CT system combines SPECT and CT modalities in a single gantry under the control of a single workstation, providing an optimal workflow solution for SPECT multimodal applications.


  • All modalities are part of a single gantry
  • The integrated system uses a single workstation to control all modalities
  • Field upgradeable with the PET modality for a docked or integrated trimodal system


  • The small footprint is ideal for facilities with limited space
  • Optimizes overall experimental workflow for SPECT•CT multimodal studies
  • Allows for PET or PET•CT applications in the same gantry

Integrated Acquisition System
Inveon’s versatile data acquisition system provides optimal PET, SPECT and CT performance on a platform designed as a true multimodal system. Networked computers embedded in the gantries coordinate PET, SPECT, and CT data acquisition, and an innovative nuclear pulse processing system acquires high resolution PET and SPECT data.


Integrated Motion Control
Historically, preclinical multimodal solutions have consisted of two independent systems, often with separate workstations, loosely packaged in a single gantry. Inveon changes the paradigm. An integrated CAN bus network precisely controls the position of up to twelve stages, coordinating beds, SPECT detector positioning, CT source and detector positioning and transmission source mechanism, tightly integrating the command and control of each modality.


Integrated Data Processing
Inveon PET and SPECT each use the same Siemens pulse processing technology and event handling architecture for high resolution, high count rate gamma ray processing. In the PET mode, this architecture virtually eliminates electronic dead time and dramatically improves singles and coincidence count rates. In the SPECT mode, this architecture provides high spatial and energy resolution while providing excellent count rate performance.

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