Siemens Healthineers at EANM 2017

Setting new standards with molecular imaging.

Siemens Healthineers at EANM 2017
TitleTopic AreaAuthors
Assessment of whole-body scatter correction for Ga-68 PSMA PETCTPETHarshali Bal, Inki Hong, Florian Buther, Mehmet Aykac, Klaus
Schafers, Maurizio Conti
First human images from a next generation SiPM based PET/CT systemPETMike Casey, Ziad Burbar, Harold Rothfuss, Vladimir Panin, Deepak
Bharkhada, William Howe, Yong Bradley
Quantitative Y-90 PET for dosimetry applicationsPETYuni Dewaraja, Hongki Lim, Neal Clinthorne, Jeffrey Fessler, Yuni Dewaraja, Maurizio Conti
Using EQ.PET to reduce reconstruction-dependent variation in FDG PET brain imagingPETM. Vanhoutte, R. Lopes, F. Semah, R. Fahmi
Comparison of an image-based to an atlas-based volume of interest for DaTScan quantificationPETRachid Fahmi, Sven Zuehlsdorff
Estimation and reliability of myocardial blood flow after motion correction with dynamic PET using a Bayesian frameworkPETAntione Saillant, Kimberley Saint, Matthew Memmott, Ian Armstrong, Vijay Shah, Sven Zuehlsdorff, Jérôme Declerck, Mark Jenkinson, Michael Chappell
Robustness of EQ-PET SUV harmonization to tumor-to-background variationPETBruce Spottiswoode, Vittoria Mattoli, Margherita Milite, Maria Lucia
Calcagni, Alessandro Giordano, Luca Indovina
Quantitative SPECT Neuroimaging using a Data Driven Estimation of Attenuation from the Projection Data AloneSPECTXinhong Ding, A. Hans Vija
Assessment of Statistical Dose Uncertainty Propagation for Lu1771 SPECT Imaging with an Automated Internal Dosimetry Research Tool as a result of fast SPECT Acquisition ProtocolsSPECTA. Hans Vija, Michal Cachovan
Diagnostic value of quantitative 99mTc-DPD-SPECT/CT for the detection of prosthetic loosening in patients with hip and knee joint replacement.SPECTMartin Braun, Michal Cachovan, Geert Pagenstert, Damian Wild, Martin Kretzschmar
Assessment of Dose Uncertainty Propagation using standardized Quantitative Lu1771 SPECT Imaging and an Automated Internal Dosimetry Research ToolSPECTA. Hans Vija, Michal Cachovan
First Clinical Experience with Ultra-High Resolution Multi-Focal Collimators for Tc-99m-PSMA ImagingSPECTChristian Schmidkonz, Claudia Hollweg, James C. Sanders, Michael Beck, Daniela Schmidt, A. Hans Vija, Torsten Kuwert, Philipp Ritt
xSPECT derived absolute SUV: An emerging accurate tool for I-123-ioflupane analysisSPECTM. Jreige, F. Tabotta, M. Nicod Lalonde, R. Fahmi, N. Schaefer, G. Allenbach, J. O. Prior


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