The future of Healthcare- result announcement in progress (Completed)

The Chief Technology Office and Innovation Think Tank at Siemens Healthcare, Germany has invited students from all disciplines to participate in a 3 months innovation camp titled “The Future of Healthcare. The submitted ideas focused on the effects of technological advances and changes in society on today’s global healthcare systems. Submission deadline has lapsed and 20 finalists have been invited to attend the innovation camp in Erlangen, Germany.

This selection was based on an international contest. 265 applications from 31 countries were evaluated by an interdisciplinary jury. Based on the quality of submissions it was decided to increase the number of finalists to 20.

We have personally communicated the results to the top 20 finalists. In case the finalists can not join the “Innovation Camp” for some reasons, we will offer the opportunity to the candidates in the waiting list.

A total of 15.000 Euros will be awarded and distributed among the finalists based on an evaluation of the innovation camp outcomes by the jury. Depending on the scale implementation of the final outcomes, a variable compensation will be offered to the finalists at the end of the program. Cost of travelling and accommodation along with a stipend will be covered by Siemens.

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