Siemens IT Service Contracts

You can count on us.

Siemens IT Service Contracts

Siemens IT Care Plan - you can count on us.

The IT Care Plan will reassure you that if anything happens to your imaging system, our specialists will take care of it.
Whatever your applications, workflow, or IT requirements, with the Siemens IT Care Plan you receive valuable service and support to meet your individual needs1.

  • Care and proactive services to support and provide assistance to your IT and clinical staff
  • Real-time application support by our product experts right at your system
  • Efficient technical support during incidents based on our outstanding remote technology
  • Fully automated software updates to regularly improve usability and performance
  • Impressive enhancements in software upgrades based on feedback from our frequent and in-depth customer dialog

1Siemens reserves the right to modify the design and specifications contained herein without prior notice. Some of the shown service configurations may possibly not be available in all countries. Please contact your local Siemens sales representative for the most current information.