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Siemens Utilization Management

Voice of the customer

"The introduction of the new system was the ideal time for the clinic to implement Siemens Utilization Management."
Dr. Marcia Salvador Géo, Operational Director, Mater Dei Hospital, Brazil

Case Study

Improvement of system utilization

The Mater Dei Hospital in Belo Horizonte in Brazil has been using Siemens equipment for many years and discovered the benefits of improved system utilization. In 2000, the hospital started to extend their facility and invest in additional medical equipment, enabling the clinic to offer a wider range of treatment to their patients. Marcia Salvador Géo, MD, Operational Director of the Mater Dei Hospital, explains: “This expansion resulted in a change of the hospital’s profile, as procedures which were previously performed by external institutions, started to be done in our clinic.”

An example is the purchase of a MAGETOM® Avanto magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) system to be used on both inpatients and outpatients. The MR technology was a first for the clinic, although they had already been using radiology and 4D ultrasound equipment. Salvador Géo adds, “The introduction of the new system was the ideal time for the clinic to implement Siemens Utilization Management.”

Reliable performance control

Siemens Utilization Management, available for certain computed tomography (CT) and MRI systems, provides customers with system-specific usage data collected online. It provides periodic evaluation updates of customer systems’ capacity performance including, for example, information on patient examinations per day, or the number of studies conducted on individual body regions. Utilization Management can also provide anonymous benchmark information about comparable systems at other facilities operating in similar environments.

Compare with the best
“It is extremely helpful, for example, to be able to compare the number of image layers made in our hospital with the same data from other hospitals. If we notice that our number is significantly higher, we can reduce it, following the others´ example and optimizing our process”, says Ms. Géo. “Another important comparison is the elapsed time between examinations, showing the patient’s preparation time for the procedure. Large spans imply an exaggerated preparation time, probably as a result of an understaffed team. In comparison with other examples, it is possible to optimize resources, contributing to an improvement in process management.” This also contributes to more cost-efficient system usage.


Key benefits of Siemens Utilization Management

  • Higher system utilization and workflow efficiency
  • Comprehensive data on system utilization
  • Better staff planning and system scheduling
  • In-depth monitoring of examination times
  • Detailed study data for individual body regions

Service Features

Utilization Management reports contain system-specific usage data collected online and made available periodically. Most importantly, the safety of personal patient data has the highest and data is not transferred together with the utilization data for your system.

Siemens Utilization Management is available in three optional packages: Utilization Management Basic Report, Utilization Management Advanced Report and Utilization Management Consulting1.

Service Features in Detail

Improve system utilization
Utilization Management provides periodic evaluation updates of your system’s capacity performance, including, for example, information on patient examinations per day, or the number of studies conducted on individual body regions. In addition, Utilization Management breaks down the average number of series per study, as well as the individual system components used.
Through your personalized account on a Siemens Healthcare Portal, the flexible, customized and periodically generated Utilization Management reports help you to capitalize fully on your equipment’s potential.

Compare with the best
Siemens Utilization Management also provides anonymous benchmark information about systems at other facilities operating in comparable environments.

Workflow streamlining
Utilization Management Consulting1 offers specific process and application consultation that focuses on improving your system usage and radiology department workflow.

1This service level is in the pilot phase and is therefore only available for selected customers. Please contact your local Siemens sales representative for availability and technical requirements.

Utilization Management is only available for dedicated systems.