Siemens Remote Service

One contract, one connection, many advantages.

Siemens Remote Service

Security Concept


Siemens Remote Service (SRS) is designed to maintain a high level of patient data confidentiality and integrity, while at the same time upholding their availability. SRS employs sophisticated authentication and authorization procedures, state-of-the-art encryption technologies and logging routines together with strictly enforced organizational measures that ensure optimal patient data security and access protection. We thereby offer you a solution that meets the standard jointly created and agreed upon by manufacturers from the USA, Europe, and Japan, represented within the NEMA/COCIR/JIRA Security and Privacy Committee. A solution that takes into account both the technical feasibility as well as the regulatory guidelines in the USA, Europe and Japan.

Technical requirements 

We highly recommend a VPN broadband connection, which offers the following advantages: 

  • Highest possible level of security
  • Best data transfer quality and availability
  • Access to all SRS-based services 



  • VPN endpoint (the access must be compatible with VPN technology)
  • Permanent Internet connection
  • Static IP address*

*With a Siemens delivered SRS Router, dynamic IP addresses can also be used.

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