Siemens Shared Services

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Siemens Shared Services

Shared Services Basic level 

First-level on-site service skills with full support
At the Basic level1, we train your staff to act as the technical support point of contact for your clinical staff, to make initial problem evaluations and perform first-line service tasks.

Functions include:

  • Immediate preliminary technical clarification and online analysis of the system with the help of Siemens Remote Service
  • Rapid feedback to end users
  • Remote on-site diagnostic and repair assistance
  • Initiation and coordination of service requests

In cooperation with your in-house staff, our Siemens Medical service experts handle the actual repair of the system and perform the necessary preventive maintenance tasks.

At all levels, we empower you to take full advantage of your system potential, providing optional Enhanced Productivity Services such as the Guardian Program™, Siemens Utilization Management and Siemens Virus Protection, powered by Siemens Remote Service.

1Some service configurations may not be available in all countries.