Siemens Shared Services

Elevate your expertise

Siemens Shared Services

Shared Service Expert level

Professional skills and qualification
Graduates of the Expert level1 are able to perform high-level service tasks. We provide your staff with the necessary tools, solutions and skills to enable them to keep your systems running at peak performance at all times. Siemens resources such as our on-call service or spare parts logistics remain at your disposal at the Expert level.

Functions include:

  • Updates
  • Service software access
  • Hotline support, etc.

At all levels, we empower you to take full advantage of your system potential, providing optional Enhanced Productivity Services such as the Guardian Programâ„¢, Siemens Utilization Management and Siemens Virus Protection, powered by Siemens Remote Service.

1Some service configurations may not be available in all countries.