Remote Application Services

Instant answers to your application questions

Remote Application Services

Targeted individual services and real-time support for your clinical needs.

Targeted support, directly at your system with syngo Remote Assist

We take clinical application support to a new level. Call us and a Siemens certified Healthcare professional will provide detailed help in any situation. Enhance your clinical workflow with:

  • real-time image quality assessment
  • real-time protocol optimization
  • real-time workflow enhancements
  • fewer workflow interruptions
  • higher level of efficiency and productivity
  • increased patient throughput


syngo Remote Trainer for maximum system know-how
We also take clinical application training to a new level. You train on your system, with your applications, under the supervision of a Siemens certified Healthcare professional.

Enjoy results that will ease your working day:

  • Real-time training instructions via remote connection
  • Real-time interaction with an expert co-pilot right beside you
  • Remote training at your syngo workplace
  • Knowledge refreshers with convenient access to highly qualified staff
  • Easy and cost-efficient training of new staff