ACUSON Freestyle Ultrasound System

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ACUSON Freestyle Ultrasound System
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The ACUSON Freestyle ultrasound system* is a high-performance, compact and portable ultrasound imaging solution with outstanding image quality that delivers exceptional clinical performance across a variety of applications. With wireless transducers, an intuitive user interface, and controls integrated into the transducers, the system provides unparalleled advantages for point-of-care practitioners performing ultrasound-guided procedures.

Improved workflow. Increased mobility. It all starts with wireless transducers.

Wireless transducer technology removes limitations set by cables that can weigh you down. The transducer can be positioned up to 3 meters from the system, with real-time imaging parameters integrated into the transducer. This frees extra personnel who would otherwise be needed to run controls for the clinician performing the procedure.

Easier, more flexible scanning

  • Greater flexibility in positioning the system and the transducer because there is no cable tethering them together
  • Freedom from cable weight or torque allows for greater ease in obtaining accurate transducer and needle positioning during ultrasound-guided procedures

Simpler, more efficient workflow

  • Built-in transducer controls allow easy access to real-time operating functions
  • Lightweight, wireless transducers are easy to prepare for sterile procedures
  • Simplified user interface with fast access to most commonly used controls
  • Wireless or wired DICOM connectivity and USB export provide flexibility in image storage capabilities and networking options

Improved mobility and control

  • The console boots up and shuts down in a minimal amount of time
  • System can operate on battery power, streamlining set-up at the patient bedside
  • Wireless alert system helps keep track of transducer location
  • Compact console design requires minimal space in patient room or procedure room

Excellent image quality

  • Pixelformer™ image processing automatically focuses the image throughout the field of view, eliminating focal banding and decreasing noise throughout the image
  • Spatial Compounding and Speckle Filters provide excellent detail and contrast resolution for improved target and needle visualization during ultrasound-guided procedures
  • 8 GHz ultra-wideband (UWB) high data rate radio provides exceptional real-time wireless imaging
  • Multiple antennas on the transducer and system ensure reliable high speed image data transmission between the transducer and the console


Optimized for infection control

  • Transducer and battery approved for sterilization using the STERRAD® 100S system to help reduce the risk of infection and improve outcomes
  • Wireless transducers eliminate cable management within the sterile field and provide easy transducer preparation within a sterile sheath
  • Transducers can be immersed in approved cleaning and disinfecting fluids at recommended immersion levels and time for high-level disinfection

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* Not commercially available. Due to regulatory reasons its future availability cannot be guaranteed.